Xanga 2.0 & problems with Google feedburner interface


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FYI: After being shutdown down for several days, Xanga is now back up and running, but is still really bare bones at this point… I posted there last night – please click here to read.

For those of you who may have subscribed to read my Xanga blog (http://naphtali-deer.xanga.com) via Google feedburner, it seems that Google feedburner isn’t currently able to grab the RSS Feed from Xanga 2.0. Until this gets sorted out, you keep up with my latest posts on Xanga directly via the RSS feed:  feed://naphtali-deer.xanga.com/feed/. (The same goes for tent-of-meeting, my other Xanga blog; you can access that RSS feed here:  feed://tent-of-meeting.xanga.com/feed/.)

Thanks for reading!